About Us

Our Story

Our story begins with San Jose Schools, an independent group of charter schools in Jacksonville, Florida. San Jose Support was founded to improve delivery of services to maximize learning gains and improve school grades. Today, our operations have expanded to provide results-driven services to schools statewide. We introduce ourselves as a resource for improving the educational outcomes of school choice.

San Jose Support continually improves its expertise in school management, governance, business services and in the development of turnkey educational programs.

The organization builds its regional charter school network in tandem with consultation services for other schools across Florida. This means we practice what we coach others to do, and we ensure that our skills remaine on the cutting edge.

Our Flagship Campus

Our flagship campus offers an example of how we serve in the public education arena. San Jose Prep, for grades 6-12, was founded in 2013 by its nonprofit managing board. The school theme was college preparation. It empowered students who were struggling in their neighborhood schools, or who simply did not fit in, to graduate from high school.

The school added a graduation requirement called "Pathway to Success" to make certain every student would leave with a preset post-secondary plan. Investment of resources, including systems developed by San Jose Support, has paid off: San Jose Prep has demonstrated a 100 percent graduation rate for three consecutive years. This has been possible despite the school community's high level of economic need. In fact, there are San Jose Prep students graduating each year with a high school diploma and an associate of arts degree at the same time.

In 2020, the managing board opened San Jose Primary on the same campus for grades K-5. This expansion involved financing and constructing a new secondary school and repurposing the original building for the elementary school.

In 2021, San Jose Support launched the Padawan Academy, a private early learning center for children age 1 through VPK. The early learning center was developed on an adjacent property to San Jose Schools. These three schools are building a reciprocal and synergistic relationship in regards to community, enrollment and outcomes.

This single-campus model offers a small-school environment with large-school opportunities for pre- through grade 12. Parent feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Data points, including graduation rate, school grades, family retention rate (re-enrollment), college readiness scores and academic benchmarks, demonstrate this to be an effective model.

San Jose Support harnesses the power of its leadership experience, skilled workforce, public-private partnerships, legislative engagement and business affiliations to deliver innovative educational models. Our clients choose from services that best match their goals, help them comply with state laws and standards, and enable them to accomplish their vision for school choice within a specific community.

Our team consistently implements new pathways to success, just as we expect of the students who our programs serve.