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Alternative Education

The Horizon Institute is a tuition-free school choice that serves students who are academically at risk in another school setting or who simply need a second chance. This turnkey program was developed by an experienced team of administrators, instructors and community leaders to offer opportunity, hope and an educational approach that is just right for your school system. Discover more about how we provide a safe learning environment for middle school students; how we empower high school students through graduation; the Blended Learning Model in education; our school system's unique experience in Student Services; and the importance of a supportive and thriving school culture. This alternative education model can be applied in your region. Visit the Jacksonville, FL, Horizon Institute online at

True Statements about Horizon Institute:

A high school diploma is essential, and it opens a world of possibilities for young people.

There are numerous “right” pathways to achieve this end goal.

Our community wins when we invest time and resources into helping every student succeed at her/his best pace.

Research-based strategies, student access to technology, convenient locations to where families live, a flexible learning schedule and an experienced Student Services Department create positive outcomes.

We believe every student deserves a chance - or a second chance - to be her/his best self.

We support young people excelling at individualized rates and at different stages of their lives.

Implementation in your region may help charter schools improve school grades.